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We give proof to the myth that all Estonians speak perfect English - give us a letter or a call if you have any questions or concerns or want to place special orders (coffee, truffles, gifts for the workplace or friends). 

Kehrwieder is Tallinn's finest group of cafes with a warm and unique atmosphere from which you won't ever want to depart.

Our freshly roasted coffee, done in the heart of Old Town, and hand-made chocolates are available in all of our locations scattered throughout the city.

In addition to experiencing the friendliest service in all of Estonia, you can sit back and relax, while soaking in the genuine character of Eestimaa - our Estonia.

Locations and Contacts:

Kehrwieder Roastery - Saiakang 2, Vanalinn 10146 Tallinn

Hours: All Days - 10AM - 7PM

Phone: +372 528 8509

E-mail: kaja@kohvik.ee

Kehrwieder Saiakang ChocolaterieSaiakang 1, Vanalinn, 10123 Tallinn

Hours: Sun-Wed 8AM - 11PM, Fri-Sat 8AM - 1AM

Phone: +372 510 2876

Shipping info:

Phone: +372 5860 4746

E-mail: kehrwieder.store@gmail.com




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