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S A I A K A N G  C H O C O L A T E R I E

Here's the menu for our Saiakang location; prices vary by café (plus you might find a special drink here or there - something like our house specials for each different 'house'!), so make sure you take a tour around and check out each place. Just like how not one cloud or marmot is the same, not one Kehrwieder is a carbon copy of another - or anything in the world, for that matter. So start reading and start trying!

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I C E  C R E A M  C A F É

At our Ice Cream Café, you can sample the freshest hand-made ice creams available anywhere in Tallinn, or Estonia for that matter! Interested in the process itself? Take a peek through the window to watch our ice-cream and chocolate masters at work. They'll be happy to share everything they know, and give you a taste of probably the most original ice-cream creations you've ever tried!


     Coffee of the day  1.90
     Dusk coffee (café au lait)  2.00
     Espresso  single / double  1.60 / 2.00   
     Cappuccino  2.70
     Latte  2.90
     Mocha  3.20
     Chocolatino  3.40
     Café miel  2.90
     Flavored coffee  2.95
     Irish / Vana Tallinn coffee  4.95
     Iced coffee  2.90

Other warm and cold ones

     Tea  1.90
     Chai latte  2.35
     Cocoa  2.40
     Juice  1.00
     Soft drink  1.60
     Beer / cider  2.90
     Wine  3.40

H A N D - M A D E  I C E  C R E A M S ! !

     One scoop  1.40
     Two  1.90
     Three  2.30

     Waffle-cone  0.20
     Toppings  0.10 / 0.20

     Ice-cream cocktail  3.40

Something to munch on

     Sandwich / wrap  2.80
     Pastries  1.20
     Banana bread  1.20
     Fresh salads  2.70
     Quiche (+salad)  2.70
     Cake  2.20

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