Africa Day at Saiakang!

Come pay Kehrwieder a visit!

You might recall that a bold young Estonian named Siisi set her eyes on the southern horizon and went far, far away to Africa to open a café there seven months ago. There's much cause for celebration on this Saturday, October 13th, because Pop-Up Café will officially open its doors on that distant continent! Whoever has the desire and gumption can head to Uganda, and whoever doesn't can stop by our Saiakang Chocolaterie, because Kehrwieder is holding a grand African Day in honor of Pop-Up's opening! We'll be offering coffee using various African bean varieties, listening to the ground-based rhythms of Africa, and what's more – we will donate a portion of the revenue from every coffee purchased to support Pop-Up Café! Come around to unwind and support a good cause, all at the same time. Who knows… maybe another idea just as worthy as Siisi's will take shape under the medieval arches of Saiakang that day…


You can join the Facebook event here: 

See you there!

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